Santa Cristina Ski Resort (St. Christina in German) is part of Val Gardena ski area of Northern Italy. The town is located at 1428 m altitude in the Dolomites and counts almost 2000 inhabitants - 91% Ladin with the rest having Italian and German origins. Santa Cristina di Val Gardena can host up to 3000 tourist per night in its accommodation facilities. Every year, this Italian ski resort host almost 100 000 tourists.

This small town with an old historical centre and mountain farms typical for the Dolomites, has a very romantic and particular air. Santa Cristina is located in the centre of Val Gardena and it's an ideal place for skiers and mountain trekkers. In the summer time, tourists can enjoy walks and trekking in the mountain nature of the Dolomites, can admire the special flora and fauna of these places as well as the breathtaking panorama of the Dolomites.

Since Santa Cristina was once a very isolated place in the mountains, the traditions and customs of the local people have preserved very well. The Ladins are very proud of their culture - here too the art of sculpting the wood has a very old tradition.

Santa Cristina
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